Conversations: Perfect Harmony with Jacquelyn

Jacquelyn’s colourful instagram page provides an instant uplift, from her impressive but oh so simple recipes to her home decor tips, her bright personality shines through in every way. 

Come along as she takes us inside her beautiful home and shares how to create a space where perfect harmony lies

Hi Jacquelyn tell us a little about yourself
Hello! I am a UI/UX designer by day and a baby apparel owner, His Little Champs, by night. I absolutely love the process of creation — from recipes to photo walls to flat lays! I am also a great multi-tasker and I enjoy keeping myself busy with things to do.

How do you juggle between your side hustle and full time job? Take us through your day!

Time management, discipline, efficiency and accuracy are the key to juggling them. A typical productive day will be waking up at 8.30am to prepare for the day and start work. When I take a 10 -15 min short break from work, I will jump right to content creation or plan for the upcoming launches for His Little Champs and then jump back to work again. After work hours, I will try to do a 30 min workout and then take a slow shower to refresh my mind. Then I'll plonk myself behind my sofa and continue content creation for His Little Champs. I try to keep my side hustle to only 3-4 nights a week so that I can spend some quality time with my husband.

Right now, I'm also trying to pick up a new hobby - illustrating using Procreate! I've been training myself to be really focused with the short amount of time I have for the different tasks I have. Setting a to-do list in the morning always makes my day more productive!

Your home is beautiful! How do you start to conceptualise your home's design

Thank you for the compliment! As with most home owners, it always starts with Pinterest (haha!). My husband and I also spent a bit of time figuring out our desired living space and it narrowed down to - Cozy, multi-functional space, warm wood tones, white walls & lots and lots of natural light. functional space, warm wood tones, white walls & lots and lots of natural light. 

When designing or planning spaces for your home, the most important thing is to identify your habits before deciding on how you want to utilize the space. For example, we realised that we spend more time in the living and dining area compared to the bedroom and we tend to host a lot too! This alone helped us decide to knock down the walls of one room, to make way for a larger living and dining room instead of following the trend of having a walk-in wardrobe area which will eat up our communal area.

Which part of your house do you like the most?

It has to be the dining room! The dining area is where I spend most of my time working, creating and hosting. It’s also the space where most natural light comes through. We've always wanted a large dining table and we're so happy that this configuration gave us the space to put a 2.1m table.

We're spending more time at home now. How has it been for you?
I‘m definitely enjoying this #WFH experience because the time spent commuting has been replaced with workouts, cooking and a little more me-time. It has given me more time, freedom and space to create!

How do you practice self-care?
I feel that self-care is when I take care of my emotional wellbeing. There are many ways that I practice this. I only practice self-care when I have gone through a very productive day, haha! It could be in the form of a long shower with my favourite scented scrub - Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender & Espresso scrub. It can also be creating a special drink and documenting my process. Other forms of self-care will be eating cakes, going out to cafes and of course, retail therapy!

How does wearing beautiful lingerie make you feel?
Wearing beautiful lingerie makes me feel feminine. I have never been associated with the word 'feminine' before but beautiful lingerie does make me feel demure and feminine — a whole lot! It encourages me to be comfortable in my own skin and body shape. Selecting and wearing beautiful lingerie throughout the day, in itself, is a form of self-care.

A quote to inspire?
Small steps taken are still steps taken forward 

Find Jacquelyn here @jacquelynedna

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