We are delighted to have you shopping with us. As part of our Perks program, earn points every time you connect, share and shop. Points can be used to redeem store rewards and will expire after 1 year. Rewards can only be applied to Lingerie purchases. 

Access your Perks rewards interface by clicking on the flower icon located at the bottom right of your screen. Create an account to start or log in to view your rewards.

Your Welcome Gift:
10% Off Your First Lingerie Purchase

Enjoy 10% off your first lingerie purchase when you join our Perks reward program.
Membership is complimentary and does not require a minimum spend.

Earn Points

Spend 1 Dollar, Earn 1 Perk Point
200 Perk Points = 10% Off Lingerie Voucher
400 Perk Points = 15% Off Lingerie Voucher
600 Perk Points = 20% Off Lingerie Voucher

Every dollar spent on susyandbae.com entitles you to 1 Perk Point. Points have a validity of 1 year and rewards that have been redeemed are valid for 6 months. Rewards can only be applied to Lingerie purchases. 

Create Store Account 

Earn 50 Perk Points for creating a store account.

Connect With Us

Earn 100 Perk Points for following us on Instagram and liking our Facebook page

Birthday Rewards

Enjoy 400 Perk Points on your birthday when you're in our Lily tier
Save your birthdate on the Perks interface at least one month in advance to enjoy your birthday perks.

Share with Friends

Gift a friend with a 10% off lingerie voucher using your unique URL and receive a 10% off lingerie voucher yourself when they make a purchase online

VIP Tiers

Enjoy exclusive rewards and loyalty perks with our dedicated VIP program

Rose Lily Peony
Dollars Spent $0 $300 $1500
Points Earned Per $1 Spent 1 1 2
Birthday Points 400 400
One Time Gift Voucher $15 $100
Private Sale Acess