Natural textiles & Romantic silhouettes
MOMENTS IN BLOOM brings together our love for easy timeless florals while exploring the use of traditional printing and natural dyeing methods on organic cotton.
Hand carved floral motifs
Pressed by hand using intricately carved wooden blocks, the prints rendered on our pieces are made with care and dedication. Each motif is carefully carved into teak wooden blocks, dipped into dyes before being pressed onto the fabric.
Rekh & Datta blocks for Flowerfields
The key block that creates the outline pattern is known as rekh and it is usually printed first to create a foundation of the print. The colour blocks, called datta are made depending on the number of colours used in a print or motif. 
Flowerfields; a kaleidoscope of florals drawn and coloured in spring time hues, printed on soft cotton made from GOTS certified cotton yarn

November '22 Vintage Bayberry; Each motif gently pressed

Each of these blocks come together to paint the canvas — motif by motif, colour by colour until the pattern is completed.  

January '23 Print test for Sunrise Posy

This step is repeated carefully and slowly, as the printer tries to align his block precisely to the previously stamped pattern. The pigment saturates the cloth to give a unique depth of colour. The subtle variances in depth give the print a soft handcrafted and natural feel. It's the natural beauty of things found in the block printing process that we fell in love with. 

Sunrise Posy; the colours of dawn on a traditional posy motif
Block printing table
November '22 Midnight Meadow completed on teak wood
A trailing pattern of intricate meadow flowers 
Natural Textiles & Romantic Silhouettes

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