Behind The Scenes: A New Light

A New Light welcomes you to slow down as you get dressed and ready for the day  —

The words accompanying our recent campaign come from songs I have been listening to on repeat. Do you recognise any of them?

Using these words to take us through a visual journey of the times a woman spends each morning as she gets dressed and ready for her day — What are her thoughts and how does it affect her day? From spending time in front of the mirror to making herself a quick breakfast, I hoped to capture these images to tell her story. Do we see ourselves truly or are our reflections mired by words of others. Drawing from my own experience, I found the simplest act of slowing down while being deliberately mindful of my thoughts made the greatest difference. Lingerie was my tool to see myself as I am.

I hope A New Light inspires you to create and embrace your own ritual of dressing. Take your time when you get dressed today, you might just see yourself in a new light.  

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