Conversations: A New Light With Angela

Stepping into Angela’s home for the first time, you’ll feel an immediate sense of warmth and ease. Her friendly disposition made us feel right at home and I knew then and there, this would be the perfect location to capture our campaign — A New Light. 

Follow along as we converse over morning rituals and what sparks joy.

Hi Angela, tell us a little about yourself
Hello everyone! I am currently working in the hospitality industry. I live to eat, and my philosophy is always to 'treat yo self'. I also enjoy travelling, exercising, reading, and looking at home interior/styling materials in my free time. 

Take us through your mornings
I prefer to wake up a little earlier on weekdays so I can have some me-time in the mornings which I feel helps to set the tone for the day. After my shower, I like to sit at the table and have my morning coffee and breakfast while browsing Instagram. I must confess though - I do end up overlooking the time sometimes and will end up having to rush to work!

For weekends, sleeping in is a must (I love to sleep!). My husband and I have established a routine over the years of heading out for brunch (you will probably find us at Punch on most Saturdays) after I've had my beauty sleep, and it's something I truly enjoy and look forward to. 

What does self-love mean to you?
Being able to make time for a workout is one of the main ways I practise self-love because the endorphins make me feel good emotionally, and it's also the most literal way of taking care of my body. I also find little rituals like having a good cup of coffee, lighting my favourite candle and using a calming body shower gel very uplifting. Of course, a little retail therapy doesn't hurt either!

How do you spark joy in your everyday life?
Nothing brings me more joy than finding nice things to eat with people I love. I also occasionally go to the salons for a wash and blow-dry because the head massages are super relaxing. 

How does wearing beautiful lingerie make you feel?
Confident. I am a firm believer that when you wear something beautiful, it helps shift your internal self and you'll feel better and more empowered. My favourite piece from the collection would be the Wildflower bralette set because of how delicate and feminine it looks.

A quote to inspire?
I always look forward to Neil Gaiman's New Year Even quotes because they resonate deeply with me. Here's my favourite one so far from 2014:

"Be kind to yourself in the year ahead. 

Remember to forgive yourself, and to forgive others.
It's too easy to be outraged these days, so much harder to change things, to reach out, to understand.

Try to make your time matter: minutes and hours and days and weeks can blow away like dead leaves, with nothing to show but time you spent not quite ever doing things, or time you spent waiting to begin.

Meet new people and talk to them. Make new things and show them to people who might enjoy them.

Hug too much. Smile too much. And, when you can, love."

Find Angela here @awildflower 
· @aplacecalledjia

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