A season of change, a dream of summer

I am so happy to be back here in this space, my dream of Summer is finally here and shining. What was supposed to be a short pause as I eased into new surroundings, stretched into an unexpected hiatus as I found myself without a space to call my own these past couple of months. Having a space to create, uninterrupted, has been a privilege I took for granted. But they said, to take changes in your stride and having worked on creating SUSY + BAE independently in the past years, I took this pause to mean a season of rest — to unwind and reset for a new chapter ahead. In these past months, I found time to renew plans for SUSY + BAE, discover my passion for reading again, got engaged and we bought a house together! There is joy, even in uncertainty.

Everything takes time,
And often longer than you want them to
But there is still a path before you,
That you can take
Day by day,
Braving moving forward even as you wait
— Morgan Harper Nichols

There’s so much I have planned for SUSY + BAE and I cannot wait to share them with you. 

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