A labour of Love

Francine in Midnight Meadow
Work for our second production of MOMENTS IN BLOOM dresses began just at the end of last year, a long awaited creation that has passed through many hands! Learn more about our journey below.
Receiving a strike off early this year, where we found that our original wood blocks had aged naturally over time! 
It was almost two years ago when we started to develop the first wood blocks. Natural expansion in the wood over time had distorted the print ever so slightly.  With a complex print like Midnight Meadow, where each pressed foliage has to meet precisely with the next, we had to get new blocks carved!
Block Carving; a process that requires dedication and skilful artistry to create the same detailing and beauty. 
Midnight Meadow in progress

Working in Harmony with Nature. Printing had to be put on pause several times throughout our second production while we waited for the best weather to print Midnight Meadow, as the process of block printing by hand relies heavily on the environment, with sunlight being an integral part of the printing process. Subtle changes in the humidity or intensity of the sun could change the way the print turns out. Dry and sunny days allowed the carefully pressed floral motifs to stand out beautifully against the rich ocean blue. Step by step, week by week, each piece fell slowly into place and finally, we are ready to welcome back our collection of Day Dresses. Each piece hand printed on GOTS certified organic cotton in limited numbers, sewn and seamed together with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Natural Textiles & Romantic Silhouettes
Restock; Coming Soon

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