Getting to Know: Your Intimates

Let’s spend some time to discuss how well we know the layer we wear closest to our hearts. For us, nothing feels better than a well fitted ensemble for the perfect start to your morning. Find out the different ways you can check your bralette fit and start feeling your best. 

Understanding your intimates fit

There are a few tell tale signs of poor fitting intimates. Do you know all of them? 


Your band rides up

When your band rides up, it’s an indication that your band size is not right for you. Your band should fit snug and form a straight line across your back. A tip we often share is to hook on the outermost hook, adjusting inwards as your bra band stretches with wear over time.


Your shoulder straps dig in

Your shoulder straps should feel firm and comfortable. Straps that dig in may indicate that your band is too loose or has stretched out over time thus forcing your shoulder straps to do most of the heavy lifting. That’s a no-no. Most of the support should come from your underbust band, not your shoulder straps. You should always look out for thicker underbust bands if support is your priority.


Your shoulder straps feel loose and slip off too easily

Don’t forget to tighten and adjust your shoulder straps with wear, preferably every month. If the problem persists, you might be wearing a band size that is too big.


Your bust spills over or out

Your intimates should fit and flatter your shape. Spilling over on top, side or bottom are signs of a poor fitting bra. Consider full coverage silhouettes like Belle if you’re looking for more coverage. We patterned the fit and style after a traditional bra but without the discomfort of wires. It’s a fit you’ll love, we promise!

Check your fit and get to know your intimates better. Have any questions? Send us an email or chat with us live on our website. We’d love to help you find the perfect fit. 

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