From The Printing Table: Vintage Posy

a soft reflection of harmony between natural textiles and romantic silhouettes
Petite florals being carved
Using fabrics made from GOTS certified sources while exploring the beauty of natural printing methods, each piece is hand printed, sewn and seamed together with care and attention to detail.

Go behind the scenes of our recent partnership with a Sedex certified printing and production house. We'd love to take you along our textile journey, from carving to printing and to the final drying of fabrics in the sun before making its way to the cutting and stitching table — each step passing through many hands as we go along. 
Each petal carefully carved
The first outline being stampedFilling in the colours of Vintage PosyShades of yellow and oak painted on Vintage PosySun drying Vintage PosyCelie Day Dress in Vintage Posy
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A SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) certified company undergoes an intensive ethical and social responsibility audit, based on the SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) 4 Pillars. It is one of the most widely used ethics audits with a focus on compliance in having responsible and ethical business practices within the supply chain. The 4 pillars are Labour Standards, Health & Safety, Environment and Business Ethics.

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