Conversations: Moments in Bloom with the Lees

Our recent campaign, ‘Moments in Bloom’ shot in the beautiful home of the Lees is full of light to inspire a zen state of mind, a space that soothes and calms — the perfect backdrop to capture every Moment In Bloom.

Join us as we share the couple’s philosophy on creating a quiet calm at home.

Hi D, tell us a little about yourself
A typical workaholic on weekdays but an adventure seeker on holidays. Both my husband and I enjoy being in the great outdoors hence we would always try to schedule a hike whenever we travel.
What's the story behind your home?

We were going for a “Muji-minimalist” theme. We love Japan and Japanese interiors and we wanted our house to have that Japanese zen vibe. We felt that wood and white accents would bring out that vibe we wanted. To us, a home should be calm, inviting and clutter-free and we hope our visitors feel the same way when they enter our house.

What's your philosophy when it comes to decorating?
Less is more. We only buy what we need. Minimalism is something you have to believe in. Otherwise, it would be a real struggle to maintain.

Share your favourite spot with us!
Our bedroom! After a long day at work, sitting on the soft sheets and watching the sunset is simple yet rewarding.

How about your favourite moment of the day?
Seeing the sunrise and we love how the sun rays play on our walls through the blinds.

Our campaign shares the story of cherishing each moment and recognising how we bloom in these moments — is there something you do in your day to day that helps you recognise that?
Our day job may be mentally demanding at times. Taking time to just simply sit down, brew some tea and enjoy a quiet moment helps clear the mind. In addition, gardening is therapeutic and the very act of pruning is a reminder that sometimes, we need to trim away unhealthy or dead leaves in order for the plant to bloom.

A quote to inspire?
"Minimalism is not the lack of something. It is simply the perfect amount of something." - Nicholas Burroughs

Find the Lees here @hometrulee

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