Conversations: In Her Season With Rosalind

A feeling of warmth fills you as you walk into Rosalind’s home. The pleasing wood tones with accents of curved shapes and textures come together, painting a story of Rosalind’s memories with her husband, Jon. Join us for a look inside her charming abode and our conversation on our best memories made at home in 2020. 

Hey Rosalind, tell us a little about yourself

I am a nurse, and I have been in this profession for the last 6 years. I'm rather active — chatty, and always looking forward to the next gathering! I love cooking, and experimenting with different dishes. I find it greatly rewarding when people smile after eating my cooking!

What's the story behind your home
We wanted to create something that belongs to us. My husband, Jon, likes something spacious and bright. For me, I wanted something cosy. So when we went through the renovation journey, we took these elements and made it work for us. There wasn't any specific theme that we were following, but instead we have created the different elements according to our liking, that's why we call it "The Origin Home", haha! :)

Some elements were inspired from places that we visited. For example, during our trip to Florence, Italy, we felt like the Dome was so amazing. So when it came to designing our home, we decided to go with curves. The niche was also something we felt created a cosy feeling — it's like you can cuddle up in the hole in the wall.

What's your philosophy when it comes to decorating your home?
We find ourselves preferring the natural elements, because you will never go wrong with things that are found in nature. In terms of the material, wood definitely forms the core. That being said, we tried to match different wood types, such as rattan and solid teak. We also think that curves bring out a softer touch and that makes the home feel much more comfortable and cosy.  

Jon is all about consistency. So while he drove to make all parts of our home consistent, I played around with different themes for different parts of our home in order to create a more lively home. We think that it is important to have an overall consistent touch, while different spaces (e.g.: living room, kitchen, dining area, bedroom) can be accessorised differently with the furniture used. The details can be used to create a different vibe, while sticking to an overall pairing of elements.

Your home is beautiful, could you share your favourite spot with us?
My favourite spot is the dining area! We have a long table, specially requested by my husband Jon, because we enjoy hosting our families and friends, having them over for gatherings and meals. Jon has a big family, so he wants to host everyone! We went with a mix-and-match approach in terms of dining chairs, because we didn't want to be boring. 

On my off days, I can chill and look out the window, looking at how much my plants have grown since I first brought them back :) Also, when we host our families and friends, the dining area is where the main chatter happens. It also feels like the one center area where the most homely activity is at — eating together.   

Now that the year is drawing to a close, what are some of your favourite memories made at home this year?
We can never forget the experience of moving in. Our home was completed just before the circuit breaker, and so when we first moved in, not only was the place new, we had it to ourselves for quite a while. It was just the two of us, and we were so excited with this new home that we were looking forward to for so long. 

My fondest memory is the first few times I cooked for Jon in our home. It was special because we had never done that before, and I could finally prepare a nice meal in the open kitchen that was my lifelong dream. Furthermore, it was just two of us having our dinner at our island! That was one of the things that will always be etched in our memories. 

Find Rosalind here @rosalindkang

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