Conversations: Gentle Thoughts with Aim

Working with Aim to bring our stories to light this past year has been such a joy, we first met in 2019 and her positive outlook on life never fails to inspire all of us here at SUSY + BAE. She’s everything that embodies a SUSY + BAE woman — a natural quiet confidence and beauty that goes beyond skin deep. I’m so excited to have Aim share her musings on life with us, please join for a heart to heart.

Hey Aim, tell us a little about yourself 
Hi, I was born in Russia but originally I’m from Kazakhstan. I have a degree in economics from Russia and I do modeling full time now.  I was 15 years old when I went to modelling school.

After modelling school, I started to join beauty pageants. I have joined 7 beauty pageants and I won 2 of them, but it’s in the past! 

When I was 8 years old, I joined art school and I have loved drawing pictures ever since. Also, I like reading books and watching videos about psychology and self development. I love learning something new whenever I have the opportunity. Life is more interesting than we think ;)

What elements of your job do you love the most?
My job includes travelling every 2-3 months, so I like to live in different countries as a local, and not as a tourist so I can learn their cultures and lifestyles. 

I also like being on stage and in front of the camera, I love connecting with people with my eyes and energy — giving off positive energy is really important to me.

Your thoughts on beauty?
I think beauty is about energy and love. When you have an open heart, you are sharing love with anything and anyone.

Beauty is what you feel on the inside, everything is in your mind 

How does wearing beautiful lingerie make you feel?
Sometimes in my life I have to be strong and powerful — like a man!

But when I’m wearing beautiful and comfortable lingerie, I remind myself that I’m a woman who wants to be beautiful.

A favourite book to share?
My favourite books are The power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. These two books always remind me to appreciate what I have and how to live in the present.

They also teach me how to be more understanding towards others and love everything and everyone from our magical Universe, even if we all have different characters and views on life.

I hope you've enjoyed our conversation. 
Find Aim here @aim_isen

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