Behind The Scenes: A Woman Alone

behind the scenes

A Woman Alone explores the time a woman spends with herself —

When Rachel, our photographer, shared her idea for our campaign shoot, I was immediately taken by it.  I imagined a woman being free, listening to her thoughts and discovering her authentic self. Listening to yourself is so important yet often forgotten as we are inundated with messages everyday. Do this, do that, be this, be that, wear this, wear that, the list goes on. I thought it was just the right time to create something to encourage women (or anyone really!) to take time for yourself. This was such an important shoot for me too, as it was meant to take us back to the roots of our brand, where we celebrate natural beauty and femininity. SUSY + BAE was created to remind you and me of that.
Captured and brought to life by Rachel, we spent a day in nature, braving the heat and bugs, but still having fun thanks to the wonderful company. These memories will forever remain close to my heart. I hope you enjoy the visuals and be inspired to take time for yourself. What do your thoughts tell you today? 


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